Didgeridoo Journey Concerts

Foto. Alessandra Langum

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2024 Full Moon Concerts

22 Juni, 2024, 19:00

Oslo, Norway

Emanuel Vigeland Museum

Zotora, Breath in the mausoleum

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21 July, 2024, 19:00

Oslo, Norway

Emanuel Vigeland Museum

Zotora, Breath in the mausoleum

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19 Aug, 2024, 19:00

Oslo, Norway

Emanuel Vigeland Museum

Zotora, Breath in the mausoleum

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An unforgettable experience in an extraordinary venue. Prepare to embark on an enchanting inner journey with Zotora and his spell-binding didgeridoo.

Kristina W.  

More about 'Breath in the Mausoleum' Concerts

"Tomba Emmanuelle" with its 800m2 artwork "Vita," depicting life from beginning to end is particularly suitable for entering a moment of reflection and contemplation. Along with the enchanting sound of Zotora's didgeridoo, you will enter a journey like no other. 

Zotora held his first concert in the museum in 1991. Since then, he has given over 300 concerts in this acoustically unique mausoleum.

These concerts are often sold out. Purchasing your tickets well in advance is recommended.

The venue is only slightly heated, so please dress warmly. (extra blankets are available at the door). 


And the didgeridoo

Zotora is a pioneer among Europe's didgeridoo players. He laid his didgeridoo foundation with the indigenous people of Australia, yet, he has always sought to develop his own expression. In the didgeridoo's homeland, he enjoys respect from the Aboriginal people—the traditional practitioners of the didgeridoo. He has guided thousands of people across the globe in deep meditation journeys with his spellbinding playing style.

Foto Kristin von Hirsch



"This atmospheric concert was deeply calming. The sound penetrated deep into my bones, and I immensely enjoyed it."

"The incredible  acoustic effect of the room added , an extra dimension of awe and magic. Zotora performs here with his didgeridoo every full moon, and it's definitely worth a visit."


"We had been looking forward to the concert with Zotora in the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum for a long time, after warm recommendations. We traveled from Stavanger to Oslo with my husband and son, picking up another son in Oslo before we eagerly headed to the concert. All the recommendations were spot on and more. Magical place + magical music = magical atmosphere. It's as if one enters into another universe and gradually also a state of mind when the sound of Zotora's instrument wraps itself around us and into us, and one eventually merges with the music. Do we recommend it? YES!!! Will we come again? YES!!!"


"I Highly recommend this truly unique concert. It is a must experienced event. The acoustics in the mausoleum make you feel the sound throughout your entire body."

"Amazingly relaxing, and a very nice inner journey with the music. Impressive talent. A strong, rich, and contemplative experience that is highly recommended."

Foto. Dag Bæverfjord