Zotora is a renowned didgeridoo player, recognized as one of Europe's pioneers in this unique art form.

His deep connection with the didgeridoo began during a transformative five-year stay in the Australian outback in the late 80s. Since then, he has returned to Australia on numerous occasions, continuously seeking fresh inspiration. While grounded in the traditions of the indigenous people, Zotora has developed his own distinctive style of playing. With a profound reverence for this instrument's origins, he skillfully guides listeners back to their original nature.

Zotora released two tapes, "Bum Maya Mul" (1992) and "Dream Time" (1992), which garnered impressive sales, exceeding 40,000 copies. He has released three music CDs: "Ninji-Ninji" (1994), "Emigrate" (1998), and "Zotora Naked Didgeridoo: Breath in the Mausoleum" (2018). Additionally, he actively participates in several esteemed music associations, including Tono, FONO, Gramart, and Samspill International Music Network.

Zotora has delivered numerous performances in collaboration with renowned musicians and dancers. Both as a solo artist and within various ensembles, he has performed in concert halls, conferences, private events, and festivals across the world, captivating diverse audiences. His unwavering passion lies in the didgeridoo's enchanting power to touch and inspire people from all walks of life.

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Career Highlights

  • 300 plus concerts in the Emanuel Vigeland Museum - 1991 - Present
  • Collaborating with Kristin Flood, and her book (Dante) at Norweigan prisons, churches, the national library, and other venues - 2021-Present
  • Multiple Film, TV, and Theatre music composing - 1994-Present
  • Member of The Global House Band with Øystein Sevåg - 1994 - Present
  • Played for actors Toralv Maurstad (1996), Henni Moan (1995), and Per Christian Ellefsen (2017)
  • Played at several Silent Meditation Retreats in Italy - 2016-2017
  • Fanfare for Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammed Yunus at Oslo City Hall - 2008
  • The opening concert of the Vinjerock Festival - 2007
  • Opening concerts for Statens Veivesen, (National Road Administration) - 2002-2007
  • Opening of a large windmill park, Statskraft, (State Power) - 2006
  • Opening performance for Buffy Sainte-Marie - 2001
  • 250 concerts with Draumetid directed by Rikskonsertene - 1996-2001
  • With Oystein Sevag Global House Band, performing at Dance of the Auroras "Fire in the Sky" directed by Prof. Maida Withers of George Washington University, USA, at the Northern Lights Festival, Tromsø, Norway - 2000
  • Opening for the new main hospital in Norway, Rikshospitalet - 1999
  • Toured with Varanger Ensemblet in Norway Finland and Russia - 1999
  • Musician in Verdensgangaren, commissioned work by Knut Buen for the Folk Music Days in Ål - 1998
  • Two national tours with string quartet Arktimus featuring music and didgeridoo by Australian composer Peter Scholthorpe - 1996
  • Opening performance at the world's largest offshore gas platform (Troll) at Grieghallen - 1996
  • Music composition by Stravinsky and Zotora for "Right of Spring", dance productions by choreographer Lise Eger. On stage as a dancer and musician. - 1996
  • Ninji-Ninji, Dance, and music by Zorora with dancer/choreographer Lisbeth Rønning - 1994-1996
  • Performance at the UN's 50th anniversary at the Norwegian Theatre - 1995
  • Has played for a large number of stunt performers, art exhibitions, and festivals - Ongoing
  • Street Musician - 1990-1994


Ninji-Ninji Digeridoo by Zotora

Ninji - Ninji

The CD Ninji-Ninji (playful ceremony) was released in 1994. The didgeridoo is the only instrument. Inspired by the aboriginal music of Australia Zotora display a clean and simple expression that takes you deep and far into dreamtime. 

Emigrate Didgeridoo by Zotora


Released in 1998. The concept of Emigrate is to draw the didgeridoo towards a more Norwegian sound than commonly expected from this instrument. It is a sound journey where the didgeridoo is the main instrument, put into a larger context through collaboration with celebrated Norwegian musicians.

Zotora Naked Didgeirdoo Breath in the Mausoleum

Breath in the Mausoleum

Release in 2018.

Zotora has been a didgeridoo player for over 30 years and has given more than 300 concerts in the Emanuel Vigeland Museum. The track Breath in the Mausoleum reflects the sound journey you enter when you attend one of his renowned meditative journey concerts.