"This is a straightforward phenomenal music experience created by a Norwegian. If you are looking for music that really takes you on a journey, your body relaxed but your subconsciousness awake, then Zotora is your man. Special music, yet extremely elegant.

- DTBB newspaper

Zotora got his first didgeridoo while living in the Australian outback during the 80s. Since then he has been exploring the vast possibilities of this instrument using traditional circular breathing. His unique playing style and depth of sounds have won the respect of both contemporaries and Australian aboriginal elders – the traditional owners of this ancient instrument.

Audience Reviews


Zotora is the best to convey a musical journey through its playing. He brings you
into a respectful and meditative zone where sense and enjoyment merge into a blend of calm and presence, but at the same time an exciting out of the body experience.

Hans L. 


“A fantastic concert, both the location and the deeply penetrating didgeridoo
from Zotora! He is a very talented musician with nerve and presence I never experienced before! Professionalism all the way to the fingertips

Ingrid P.


Magical Place + magical music = magical feel. It is as if you enter another universe when the sound of Zotora's instrument hovering around us and in us, we eventually flow into one with the music. Do we recommend? YES !!! Will wecome again? YES !!!!

Johanna W.


This is a very
special experience that anyone who has the opportunity should not miss. I've been at this
concert twice, and both times I left the hall gaping in wonder. I can not explain what's happening, a mystical experience one man with one didgeridoo can
create! His very special sound takes me far inside myself and far beyond the cosmos.

Alessandra R. 


This experience is almost spiritual. With an open mind, you are taken on a wonderful
inner journey with Zotora and his Didgeridoo, very relaxing and inspiring, and the mausoleum is amazing....:)

Johan N. 


This was a musical journey like no other. The exceptionally
talented musician Zotora managed with his primeval instrument to create a unique atmospherein the beautiful fresco painted mausoleum - but also in me. In an almost imperceptible slowly accelerating rhythm I was led even deeper into a strange landscape of sensations, feelings and mental images, while time and space disappeared. It was new and exciting to be allowed to lie on a yoga mat with wool blankets and listen to the concert. A strong, rich, contemplative experience. Highly recommended.

Hedda M.